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Capital Plaza Hotel - Bucharest

Website: http://www.capitalplaza.ro/

Address: 54 Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd.,  011745  Bucharest, Romania

Phone: +40.372.080.080

E-mail: office@capitalplaza.ro, guest@capitalplaza.ro

Airport: Otopeni Airport – OTP (Henri Coanda); distance: 14 km

Train: North Station; distance: 0.8km

Subway: Victoriei Square Station, distance: 0.3 km




You will find Capital Plaza Hotel in the very heart of Bucharest, suitably located between Victoriei Square and Dorobanti district.

Our hotel, the most recent 4 star hotel in Bucharest centre, with its 95 rooms, 1880 Restaurant and Kubler Kaffe, is designed to appeal to business and leisure guests alike.

Where the hotel stands today, more than 100 years ago the maps showed “Bariera Herastraului” (Herastrau Gate) as one of the Bucharest city limits at the time. This is why you will discover in our hotel an atmosphere profoundly anchored in the present, though softly inspired by the flavors and history of the old city, in an effort to pay tribute and honor our forerunners. At the same time, Capital Plaza Hotel intends to inspire its guests to discover, experience, enjoy and remember the new Bucharest.

About Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, known in the past as „ little Paris” is an enormous vibrant city, the 6th largest metropolis of the European Union after London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Madrid and ahead of capital cities like Budapest, Prague or Warsaw (according to EU statistical data).
Bucharest was first mentioned in documents in 1459. It became the capital of Romania in 1862 and is the centre of Romanian media, culture, and art. Its architecture is a mix of historical, communist-era and modern.

Safety information

There are no special safety concerns or requirements when entering Romania. Maintain at least the same level of personal security awareness as in your homeland.

Romania is a member state of EU but a non-Schengen country. For residents of EU Member States and USA no visa is required.
Residents of other countries, please contact the Embassy/Consulate of Romania in your country to get information about visa requirements.
Official language: Romanian
The currency in Romania is LEI (RON).
1 EURO is currently worth about 4.6 LEI (RON)
1 USD- 4.1 LEI (RON)
1 GBP- 5.1 LEI(RON)
Major credit cards are accepted by most hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and shops.

Romania has a moderate, continental climate. The average temperature in November is between 1-15°C. Although rainy and windy days may occur, appropriate clothing is recommended.

The European emergency number 112 is the only emergency number in Romania.It is possible to call 112 from a mobile phone even without a SIM card. The average time to answer a 112 call is 4 seconds. In addition to Romanian, the calls are answered in English, French, Hungarian, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian, depending on the call centre.

How to get to Bucharest

By Air:

Bucharest has many connections with major cities in Europe and domestic flights between Bucharest and the largest cities in Romania, but it can be difficult to find a direct flight to Bucharest from non-European countries. The city can be also reached by a large number of low-cost flights and charters, mainly by airline companies such as Blue Air, Wizz Air, Ryanair, German wings, etc.

All scheduled flight, including those operates by low cost airlines, land at Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP = Otopeni).

Avoid exchanging money in the airport, exchange rates are 10-15% worse than what you would find in the city.

By Train:

The North Train Station (Gara de Nord) is the main railway station of Bucharest, and it is linked through direct daily trains to most neighboring countries capitals: Budapest, Chisinau, Kiev, Sofia and also with Vienna, Venice, Istanbul, Moscow, Prague. For International connections, visitors should make reservations at the authorized travel agencies of the Romanian Railway Company (Compania de Căi Ferate) which can be spotted both in Bucharest and in the major cities of the country. The list of these agencies is available on the official website of the railway company.

The timetables for domestic routes are available here: https://www.cfrcalatori.ro/

Do not use any exchange services around the train station: they offer about 30-50 percent below the actual exchange rate–use an ATM instead or walk a few blocks to get a much better rate, then take the subway system, which is reasonably priced (~1 euro for 2 uses, as of January 2013) and has clearly marked maps and schedules.

By Bus:

There are several reliable bus companies witch provide scheduled trips to Bucharest, linking it with almost all European capitals. Some of them are: Eurolines, Atlassib and Double T. Also it is a good and easy option to get to Bucharest if coming from Moldova, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, because there are several trips per day from these countries.

By car:

Road traffic on European highways ensures access to Romania. Traffic is on the right side of the road, overtaking on the left, the signs are those acknowledged by the international legislation. By car at the moment, after entering Romania, the VIGNETTE may be required. This can be purchased from most gas stations on Romanian territory, but it is advised to buy it from the gas stations close to Customs.

Airport Transfer

-Bus: Express bus lines 783 and 780

Line 783 goes from the airport to downtown Bucharest (end station- Piata Unirii). It runs approximately every 20 minutes, daily, including weekends and holidays (every 40 minutes during the night).

Line 780 is a daily service between 5.20 AM – 11 PM, departing from the Airport every 35 – 40 min to the main train station (Gara de Nord – North Train Station), note carefully that Gara de Nord (North Train Station)is not the end of the bus route.

Timetable for departures from Henri Coandă Airport (Otopeni – OTP) to the city center for both express bus lines 783,780 is available here http://www.ratb.ro/v_bus_expres.php

The bus stop isin front of Arrivals Entrance. There is a kiosk/ machine where you can buy tickets(7-8lei per ticket)


The CFR (Romanian Rail Services) provides a transfer by shuttle from the Airport to the  Airport Station(about 2km away from the Airport), where you board the “Henri Coanda” Express train to Gara de Nord (30min ride). The service runs between 5.25 AM and 8.50 PM. Tickets can be bought inside the airport at CFR ticket counter (price is 8.1 lei). The shuttle bus transfer is included in the train ticket. The total duration of the trip from airport to the Gara de Nord is approximately 50 minutes. The pick-up point from the Airport is the Arrivals terminal, in front of the door.


At the Arrivals Hall there is a MACHINE (touchpoint) called Clever Taxi where you can choose the taxi company and price per km you want to pay. You will find taxis from 1,39lei/km – 3,50lei/km, most of them are Dacia Logan but at also can find Mercedes at 3,39lei/km – 3,50lei/km.

The machine will print you out a ticket giving a waiting time and a number; this number will be on the side of the taxi which arrives for you.

Private Shuttle Bucharest – you can book online and in advance from Bucharest Airport without any surprises.  This are best and safest companies for Airport Transfer Services:

Taxi Bucharest – booking in advance, shuttle, tours, credit card accepted, Mercedes cars, fix rates.

Transport Airport Bucharest – booking in advance, shuttle, fix rates.

Marius Taxi – wheelchair cars, minivans, booking in advance, credit card, fix rates.


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Places to visit

Bucharest combines beautiful monuments and historic buildings  with cultural places and great leisure possibilities. The city is rapidly gaining attention as a competitive city break that blends the wonders of modern Europe with the far flung exotism of the East.

For some of us, Bucharest is just the city where you can see Ceausescu’s Palace (People’s Palace- Palace of Parliament), for others it will always remain “The Little Paris” of the East. In fact, Little Paris is considered to be also an era in the history of Bucharest and traces of them can still be admired today in the architecture of palaces, public buildings and hotels.

Old City Center (Lipscani):

The Lipscani Street (documented in 1589) is one of the oldest thoroughfares of Bucharest. On the French street are the oldest medieval artifacts in Bucharest, which today makes up the whole “The Old Court -The Princely Palace.” It seems that the first walls were built in the XIV by Prince “Mircea the Elder” (Mircea cel Bătrân). Later, in 1458, Prince Vlad Tepes, strengthened and transformed the fortress into a royal residence. For two centuries, the rulers of the Wallachia used “The Royal Court” from Bucharest in parallel with the other from Târgovişte.

The Romanian Athenaeum

Historical and architecture monuments

-the Old Princely Court (16th cent.)

-Manuc’s Inn (1808), today a specific Romanian-style hotel and restaurant

-Palace of the Parliament and the Savings Bank (19th cent.)

-the Romanian Athenaeum (19th cent.)

-the University (19th cent.)

– History Museum of Romania, housed în a building, architecture monument (19th cent.)

-History and Art Museum of Bucharest City, housed în Sutu Palace (19th cent.)

-Art Museum of Romania

Parliament of Romania

-Art Collections Museum

-“Gr. Antipa” Natural History Museum

-Village and Folk Art Museum

Contemporary buildings

-Hall of the Palace

-National Theatre

-Sport and Culture Palace

-Exhibit Pavilion

Arc of triumph

Learning institutions, art galleries, theatres, opera-house, cinemas, exhibitions etc.

Going also by the name of the garden-city owing to its vast expanses of verdures:

-Cismigiu Gardens

-Herastrau Park

-Carol Park

-Youth’s Park

Places to eat
  1. the Artist :                             Calea Victoriei 147, Sector 1
  2. Vacamuu :                             Calea Floreasca No. 111,
  3. OSHO:                                    Boulevardul Primaveri 19-21| Sector1
  4. Le Bistrot Francais:              Nicolae Golescu 18 St., Bucarest,
  5. Caru’ cu bere:                       Strada Stavropoleos 5
  6. Poem Restaurant:               Aleea Suter Str 23-25
  7. Hanul lui Manuc:                 Strada Franceză 62-64
  8. Hanul cu Tei:                        Strada Blănari 5-7
  9. Curtea Berarilor:                  Strada Șelari 9-11